Central Tibet, June 20th, 2009:

On Saturday, June 20th, a clash reportedly broke out between Tibetans and Chinese miners in Gyama township, Medrogunkar County, near Lhasa. The clash occurred after local officials refused to consider the Tibetans' appeal to stop the construction of a large-scale water-diversion facility. The facility would redirect a nearby river, on which local communities rely for crop irrigation and drinking water, to a Chinese government-sponsored mine site.

For photos from Gyama, go to this posting by Woeser:

Processing plant for mining at Gyama
Processing plant for mining at Gyama, Medrogunkar, near Lhasa. There have been clashes between Tibetans and miners over water diversion for mining at Gyama.
29 43.5892 N, 91 41.2949 E
Open-pit mining at Gyama
Open-pit mining at Gyama, Medrogunkar, near Lhasa. On March 29, 2013, in an outlying section of Gyama, an open-pit mine collapsed, causing a massive avalanche that buried 83 miners.
29 41.3724 N, 91 45.1097 E

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