The Yangtse

The Yangtse

Known as the drichu (Tibetan), chang jiang (Chinese), or jinsha jiang (Chinese for the upper Yangtse), the Yangtse rises in the Tanggula mountain range in Amdo at around 5000 metres, and flows for 6,300km to China's east coast near Shanghai. Except that these days, the river may fail to reach the sea.

Large dams on upper reaches

Dams on the Yangtse are mostly constructed by the Three Gorges Project Corporation, responsible for the building of the colossal Three Gorges Dam and Xiluodu Dam. Where to start on the Yangtse? There are so many large dams under construction or on the drawing board that you have to wonder how anything—or anybody—will survive along this river. Here's a shortlist of large dams slated to be built on the upper reaches of the Yangtse, on or near the Tibetan plateau: Hutiaoxia, 216 metres in wall height; Liangjiaren, 100m; Liyuan 155m; Ahai, 139m; Jinganqiao, 156m; Longkaikou, 113m, Ludila, 120m; and Guanyingyan, 183m wall height. You can see some of these dams marked on the Three Parallel Rivers map below.

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